New In Books: Finding Hope In The Afterlife By Joshua Louis - 5 STAR on Readers Favorit

New In Books: Finding Hope In The Afterlife By Joshua Louis - 5 STAR on Readers Favorit

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New Book Finding Hope In The Afterlife By Joshua Louis On Sale Now

One man’s spiritual journey and afterlife research prove that death is an illusion and life exists after death.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Having experienced a troubled past, author Joshua Louis was someone who struggled to understand the world around him and his purpose within it. In 2012, his intuitive nature drove him to seek the truth regarding paranormal occurrences and the existence of an afterlife. What he got was way more than he bargained for. His book, “Finding Hope In The Afterlife” (published by Balboa Press), shares his experiences from this intriguing spiritual journey.

Drawing on his personal experiences and research in the metaphysical, paranormal and instrumental-trans communication fields, Louis provides real evidence that consciousness does indeed continue after man’s physical existence. Here, he uses technology to reinforce spirituality and prove the existence of the unseen. He explores his own true psychic abilities while using basic equipment to effectively communicate with souls on the other side. Included as well are footnotes, photographic evidence and 36 suggested videos to watch on his YouTube channel.

“My vow to you, the reader, is that everything that you read as my testimony, or see as evidence is all true and 100% real,” the author writes. “Whether you are a scientific mind looking to analyze what I share with you, or a very spiritual person, know that I will share this work with anyone who's interested. We all have a longing to know these things, to explore life, and find out what is on the ‘Other side.’ The truth is, one day, we’re all going to find out whether we like it or not.”

“Finding Hope In The Afterlife” will appeal to skeptics and those who want to know more about mediums, paranormal occurrences, reincarnation, consciousness and the afterlife.


“Finding Hope In The Afterlife” By Joshua Louis

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 244 pages | ISBN 9781982262587

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 244 pages | ISBN 9781982262563

E-Book | 244 pages | ISBN 9781982262570

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Joshua Louis has the ability to tap into souls on the other side and is dedicated to helping stuck spirits and people looking for peace. He has spent years training with teachers and conducting thousands of readings. Using an array of technology, coupled with his intuitive ability, he has reconnected many people with their deceased loved ones. In addition to his work and research into the afterlife, Louis is a father, successful business owner and filmmaker. “Finding Hope In The Afterlife” is his first book. Visit proof of afterlife for more details.

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